TA Junior Academy
Reference: TA Training Structure

Path: Academy
Age Range: 10-16
Focus: Learn to Compete

The TA Junior Academy is a weekend and evening training program for children who are committed to tennis but are NOT attending TA School. The broader content of the training however is exactly the same, with up to eighteen hours of training accessible across our two venues.

The program therefore makes it possible to train for as many hours as our most successful players, and follow the same proven coaching methods as them.

In the TA Junior Academy, if children listen and work super hard, then they could in theory make just as much progress as the full-time players. It provides an opportunity for players to rise up and prove themselves: to us, to their parents, and perhaps even to themselves.

Entry Criteria
The main entry criteria is simply that the child (and parents) commit to training at least six hours per week on an ongoing basis. This can only work if the child has a passion for tennis and is serious about improving.

It is important to us to give everyone an equal and financially accessible opportunity to train seriously and prove themselves - no matter their age or current standard. We therefore will not turn anyone down based on ability.

We do however expect focus, good behaviour and for players not to be a distraction to others or themselves.

Progression Benchmarks
Once we feel that the technical skills of a given player are at a level that matches their personal aspirations, we will start teaching them to deploy their skills in competitive situations. The test of progress from this point on can be measured in results and rankings.

Essentially, we would look to see a progression from winning LTA Grade 4 tournaments consistently to being highly competitive in LTA Grade 3 tournaments to winning them.

At this stage we may recommend a cross-over into the TA School - though that would not be compulsory or critical by any means. It would however mean that players will have many more of their level and better to train with.

Exit Outcomes
TA Junior Academy players who wish to step up their commitment to tennis have the possibility of joining our TA Full-Time Accelerator program once they complete their GCSEs (subject to acceptance).

Otherwise they could continue attending the TA Junior Academy until they are 18, after which they could continue their tennis at university or a club.

Term-Time Training Squads
The TA Junior Academy sessions are currently only available at our New Malden venue and players are expected to attend a minimum of three sessions per week.

Day Time Venue
Tuesday 17:00-19:00 Manor Park - New Malden
Thursday 17:00-19:00 Manor Park - New Malden
Saturday 08:30-12:30 Manor Park - New Malden
Sunday 08:30-12:30 Manor Park - New Malden

Generally our squad sessions cover all the technical elements that individual lessons would cover – only over more hours – so there is absolutely no necessity for additional one-on-one lessons. However they can be arranged should any player particularly require them.

Fee Structure
Training Hours Monthly Fee
6 hours weekly | 24 hours monthly £150
8 hours weekly | 32 hours monthly £200
10 hours weekly | 40 hours monthly £250
12 hours weekly | 48 hours monthly £300

Contact Us
To book an assessment for your child, or to make an enquiry, please email kieran@tennisavenue.co.uk or call/text 07740 814069