TA Full-Time Accelerator
Reference: TA Training Structure

Path: Academy
Age Range: 16-18(19)
Focus: Learn to Win

The TA Full-Time Accelerator is a tailored midweek program for players studying three to four A Levels - or vocational equivalents - combined with 18-20 hours per week of tennis and fitness (and it is also often accessed by gap year students in the period between A Levels and university). Their training is synchronized with the players in TA School who are at a similar stage of tennis development.

Education is accessed by using an online course provider with targeted tutoring where necessary. This does require players to be able to work independently with discipline and maturity.

While not delivering the education provision directly, TA will provide guidance and co-ordination at every step of the way, and ensure an optimal outcome for each player.
Entry Criteria
The primary consideration is that whoever comes into the program is ready to train and behave seriously. Beyond that, the Full-Time Accelerator is there to provide a final opportunity to train hard in tennis before adulthood - and what you do with it is largely down to you.

Just as there are successive waves reaching a shore, junior tennis players also get to the top levels in waves. If Pro Tennis is the objective then this represents the final wave, therefore playing standard on entry must be within 2 years of realistically competing for world rankings, a subjective assessment that we will make prior to entry.

Progression Benchmarks
If Pro Tennis is your objective then it is essentially a mad dash to achieve the UTR of the lowest world ranked players from whatever your starting point is. What tournaments you do or do not win is largely irrelevant.

The UTR is an accurate measure of playing standard, so from the age of 16 or so onwards it is the best benchmark for those not progressing with the first few waves of players (who would get their benchmark by competing for ITF world rankings).

Exit Outcomes
Those aiming for Pro Tennis will be looking to compete on the ITF Pro Circuit. Others may choose go to university, coaching or some other career.
Term-Time Training Squads
TA Accelerator players are given a personalised timetable between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday at our New Malden venue.

Very approximately, a day may be composed as follows:
  • 3.5 hours of tennis training
  • 1 hour of fitness and conditioning
  • 3.5 hours of study time
  • 1 hour of breaks through the day

Generally our squad sessions cover all the technical elements that individual lessons would cover – only over more hours – so there is absolutely no necessity for additional one-on-one lessons. However they can be arranged should any player particularly require them.

Fee Structure
Program Component Monthly Fee
Tennis £550
Generic Fitness Included
Academic Courses subject to chosen options
Weekly Individual (optional) add: £ TBC
2 x Weekly Hitter (optional) add: £ TBC
Premium Fitness (optional) add: £ TBC
Help TA 5 hours weekly (optional) deduct: £120
Help TA 10 hours weekly (optional) deduct: £240

Weekly Individual (1 hour):
Hitter (2 hours weekly):
- with a specialist hitter OR a much stronger / older TA player.
Generic Fitness:
- three 1 hour sessions per week, covering speed, power, flexibility, agility, endurance and core stability.
Premium Fitness:
- targeted and individualised sessions delivered by experienced fitness instructors; screening, testing and monitoring; gym-based S&C for older players; nutrition advice.
The option to help out at TA (with coaching, hitting and administrative tasks) in return for reduced fees is not a guaranteed option for all players. They must be seen to be responsible and mature enough to do so.

Contact Us
To book an assessment for your child, or to make an enquiry, please email hareen@tennisavenue.co.uk or call/text 07886 455661