Individual Player Program
Reference: TA Training Structure

Path: Elite
Age Range: 16-18
Focus: Be the Best at Winning

There will only ever be zero to a handful of players on this program. There is an extremely high bar for acceptance, with no automatic passage from other Tennis Avenue programs. Indeed, the program remains empty if there are no suitable players for it.

Players on Individual Programs have their tennis and education fully managed and co-ordinated by TA. The education provision is the full responsibility of TA and we will use our own tutors in combination with distance learning resources to achieve the optimal outcome - i.e. the best possible Plan B for each player.

The program is bespoke, fluid and informed by the evolving needs of each player as they strive to break-through successfully into Pro Tennis. In most cases, this will mean that the entire program will be periodized around and geared towards the tournament plan (ITF/ATP/WTA) for each given player.

Entry Criteria
For players to be put on an Individual Player Program they must meet the following minimum criteria:
  • have previously won LTA G1/G2 or Tennis Europe tournaments, and/or have been ranked top 25 nationally;
  • be mature, responsible and receptive;
  • display work ethic, professionalism and exemplary behaviour;
  • player and parents 100% committed to Pro Tennis as their "Plan A";
  • player and parents 100% committed to TA as their means of getting there.

Progression Benchmarks
Players on this program will likely start off by competing on the Junior ITF tour with the aim of working their way towards the Pro ITF and ATP/WTA tours.

Progression therefore will be self-evident by the respective tour rankings.

Exit Outcomes
Players on this program will only have one outcome in mind: Pro Tennis.

That said, if their academic studies were undertaken at TA they will also have an optimal "Plan B" in place, whatever that might be for them: university, coaching, or some other career.

Training Schedule
In the Individual player Programs there is no pre-set schedule. Training is essentially periodized and tightly integrated around the tournament plans for each player.

Tournaments and matches (including practice matches) constitute a large part of the training process for players at this stage of development, as well as physical conditioning.

Fee Structure
Program Component Monthly Fee
Tennis & Education £1250
4 x Individuals Included
6 x Hitter Sessions (Supervised) Included
Small Squad Sessions Included
Accompanied Tournament Travel Included
Premium Fitness Included
Help TA 5 hours weekly (optional) deduct: £120
Help TA 10 hours weekly (optional) deduct: £240

Individuals (4 hours per month):
- with Hareen Wasantha and/or Ilge Alpay.
Hitter (6 hours per month):
- with a specialist hitter.
Accompany to tournament:
- Minimum of one ITF/ATP/WTA tournament per month, individually or in group.
Premium Fitness:
- targeted and individualised sessions delivered by experienced fitness instructors; screening, testing and monitoring; gym-based S&C for older players; nutrition advice.

The option to help out at TA (with coaching, hitting and administrative tasks) in return for reduced fees is not a guaranteed option for all players. They must be seen to be responsible and mature enough to do so.

Contact Us
To book an assessment for your child, or to make an enquiry, please email or call/text 07886 455661