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Junior Academy (ages 10+)

Acceptance Criteria


The Junior Academy squad is for players aged 10-18 who live within a reasonable travelling distance of our academy. If they are unable to attend after school, they can attend just at weekends. Entry into the squad has an upper age limit of 14. Acceptance is subject to us assessing that the player possesses the talent and physical attributes to achieve top national standard.

Programme Summary

Typically, players on this programme will be experienced tournament players who are of a good standard but not necessarily at the very top for their age. The programme will identify and address the limitations in their game which are inhibiting quicker progress.

Standard Enhanced
Ages 10-18 10-18
Monthly Hours 40+ 65+
Monthly Fee 200 300

In special circumstances it may be possible to reduce monthly fees by 50-100 if a player helps out at the academy for a few hours every week - offered at our discretion to players aged 13+.

The Full-time Accelerator squad can carry on the work seamlessly once a player leaves school or decides on home study for A Levels.

Training Times

All players train weekends during term time and also midweek during half terms and school holiday periods - as standard. Players may also optionally train midweek during term times at additional cost (Enhanced programme).

Midweek Weekends
Term Times
Tue, Wed, Thu
16:30pm - 18:30pm
[Enhanced programme]
Sat & Sun
08:30am - 13:30pm
Half-terms / Easter / Christmas
Tue, Wed, Thu
08:30am - 13:30pm
Sat & Sun
08:30am - 13:30pm
Summer Holidays
Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri
08:30am - 13:30pm

Matrix Funding

Our methods can sometimes involve not playing tournaments for a certain period of time or playing matches without too much emphasis on results or ratings/rankings. For players who are matrix funded (in the LTA Talent ID system) this can be difficult as they seek to maintain their funding status and feel under pressure to compete and maintain results.

If such players are accepted into the academy and are willing to follow our methods, then we will guarantee a full or part sponsorship package that will normally far exceed their matrix funding level. This should alleviate any concerns about losing or having matrix funding reduced.


Our squads are only suitable for players who aspire to reach the top in tennis. For us this means a top 100 world ranking as a professional.

When a player first joins us, we map out a target improvement path for them that takes into consideration this objective, their age, current playing standard, and number of hours training. This improvement path then becomes our guide with regards to the player's relative standing at any given time. It allows us a fairly accurate measure of how "on track" we are over time to meet our objectives.

Tournaments, Rankings & Ratings

The only rankings that matter to us are ATP and WTA world rankings. Tournament schedules are very much tailored to each player's long term developmental requirements (rather than to chase short term junior age group rankings and ratings). In general players will attend tournaments as a team, with academy coaches watching as many matches as possible. LTA tournaments, Tennis Europe, Junior ITF and Futures tournaments are all part of the tournament mix, as appropriate for each player.

To Apply

For further enquiries or to request an assessment please contact us in the first instance via helpdesk@TennisAvenue.co.uk.

Foreign Players

As an international academy, foreign players are very welcome at Tennis Avenue and constitute an important part of academy life.

If you would like to know whether you meet the acceptance standards, please send us an email with your details including: age, country, recent good results, and your national ranking / rating in your country.