"We don't just teach kids to play tennis, we train them to compete and win at the highest levels"
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We are probably the only truly independent tennis academy in Britain (i.e take zero funding from the LTA). We are the only serious alternative to the LTA system of player development in Britain with an established track record at national level.

As we take no funding from the LTA, we do not operate under their constraints or directives. We offer an alternative path and a complete support system to players and parents who also might wish to do things differently.

Our players want to be world class (top 100 minimum) and we want to be recognised one day as a world class academy. For British players there is now no need to look abroad for a world class solution.

Highest Quality Coaching @ The Lowest Fees

Tennis is an expensive sport and there are very few families that can afford the full costs involved in raising a child who plays competitive tennis. It is even harder in the current economic climate. However we donít like to see sporting potential being limited by financial constraints. Therefore our fees are probably the lowest you will find anywhere. We bridge the considerable gap between what most parents can reasonably afford and what their child needs to succeed in the following ways:

- We believe it is the quality of coaching that is important, not the quality of the facilities. We offer no frills or luxuries, and by keeping our own costs down, we are able to charge much lower fees. Our players train mostly outdoors in all weathers (though we are likely to install a simple "bubble" for next winter at our New Malden academy), which makes our players tougher and instills in them a "can do -no excuses" mentality. Our coaching is second to none and a minimum requirement for all coaches, even those who work with our youngest players, is to have competed at top national standard.

- Tennis is our passion, not our business and we are seduced by talent, ambition and effort rather than money. Making financial profits is not our motivation and we work to a sporting model rather than a business model.

Matrix Funding

Our methods can sometimes involve not playing tournaments for a certain period of time or playing matches without too much emphasis on results or ratings/rankings. For players who are matrix funded (top national standard) this can be difficult as they seek to maintain their funding status and feel under pressure to compete and maintain results.

If such players are accepted into the academy and are willing to follow our methods, then we will guarantee a full or part sponsorship package that will normally far exceed their matrix funding level. This should alleviate any concerns about losing or having matrix funding reduced.