"We don't just teach kids to play tennis, we train them to compete and win at the highest levels"
Email: helpdesk@tennisavenue.co.uk | Text: 07886 455661
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Full-time Scholar (ages 11+)

Acceptance Criteria

(Current Waiting List: 0)

(No further acceptances)

We are now only directly accepting national standard players and those who have been training in our Mini Academy or Junior Academy for at least the previous year. At our discretion we may extend capacity to accept an exceptional player who would be allowed to bypass any waiting list.

The Full-time Scholar is a "tennis and secondary education" programme that meets the requirements of young players who want to be able to play tennis full-time without compromising on academic achievement. Entry into the squad has an upper age limit of 13. Accommodation is available at additional cost to players who require it.


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Programme Summary

The programme is geared towards the pursuit of excellence both academically as well as in tennis, while developing balanced and well-rounded personalities and strong positive characters.

Experienced tutors are employed to cover all the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum in all core subject areas, as well as any other material deemed important. The tutors’ brief is to provide their students with a solid foundation in each subject area, in preparation for eventual success at GCSE level.

Currently the following subjects are offered for GCSE qualification:
  • Maths
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Computer Studies
  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • History
  • French
  • Spanish

  • Along with PE (other sports), children will additionally learn the basic science behind achieving optimum performance levels. For example, biomechanics of technique, exercise physiology, fitness, nutrition, injury prevention and management, etc. As well as being useful from the sporting sense, the knowledge gained would provide a valuable springboard to further studies in Sports Science.

    Finally, there will be some time allocated to reading and discussing biographies of “winners” and successful people. Children will gain an insight into what is required to achieve success and see the common traits and characteristics among people who are successful in all different walks of life.

    The school day is geared around tennis, and the timetable is carefully designed to ensure that children have adequate rest and “down-time” both mentally and physically. Homework is structured into the programme with on-site help from a supervisor (adult or older student).

    Meal times are also structured into the programme to ensure that the children eat well, and in a manner that will help them perform to the best of their abilities. Nutritious evening meals will be prepared by the academy for an additional fee or children may bring their own packed meals, to be heated if necessary.

    We do not work by "school years". Our education philosophy is to work through the statutory requirements as quickly as possible at each child's own pace - without compromising on the quality of learning. The long term plan is to achieve exemplary grades at GCSE and Advanced level - ahead of schedule if possible. Any time saved academically can be used to compete on the tennis tour full-time and gain a head start on others who would still have one or two years of schooling left.

    Ages 11-16
    Monthly Hours Training 80+
    Monthly Hours Study 60 + homework
    Class Size pre-GCSE: 10
    GCSE: 7
    Monthly Fee £300 Tennis
    £400 Education

    Various levels of sponsorship are available to exceptional players
    Accommodation Arranged at additional cost

    In special circumstances it may be possible to reduce monthly fees by £50-£150 if a player helps out at the academy for a few hours every week - offered at our discretion to players aged 13+.


    Our squads are only suitable for players who aspire to reach the top in tennis. For us this means a top 100 world ranking as a professional.

    When a player first joins us, we map out a target improvement path for them that takes into consideration this objective, their age, current playing standard, and number of hours training. This improvement path then becomes our guide with regards to the player's relative standing at any given time. It allows us a fairly accurate measure of how "on track" we are over time to meet our objectives.

    Matrix Funding

    Our methods can sometimes involve not playing tournaments for a certain period of time or playing matches without too much emphasis on results or ratings/rankings. For players who are matrix funded(in the LTA Talent ID system) this can be difficult as they seek to maintain their funding status and feel under pressure to compete and maintain results.

    If such players are accepted into the academy and are willing to follow our methods, then we will guarantee a full or part sponsorship package that will normally far exceed their matrix funding level. This should alleviate any concerns about losing or having matrix funding reduced.

    Tournaments, Rankings & Ratings

    The only rankings that matter to us are ATP and WTA world rankings. Tournament schedules are very much tailored to each player's long term developmental requirements (rather than to chase short term junior age group rankings and ratings). In general players will attend tournaments as a team, with academy coaches watching as many matches as possible. LTA tournaments, Tennis Europe, Junior ITF and Futures tournaments are all part of the tournament mix, as appropriate for each player.

    Injury Prevention & Management

    An injury prevention strategy is critical for full time players. As an aspiring professional in the sport, players need to try to get the maximum out of their bodies without crossing the threshold beyond which over-use and fatigue related injuries become a growing risk. For this reason, rest and recovery is an integral discipline to structure into all full time programmes, as well as muscle strengthening and stretching routines.

    Some injuries can be sudden and unavoidable (e.g. ankle sprains) and in these cases early assessment and management is crucial. Our players have access to a highly experienced physiotherapist at a greatly reduced rate when required, and she operates a weekly on-site clinic where treatment and preventative sports massage is available.

    To Apply

    For further enquiries or to apply for a place please contact us in the first instance via helpdesk@TennisAvenue.co.uk.

    Our secondary classes are now at full capacity. Priority is given to players who are already in our weekend/evening squads. If any players are offered a place on the waiting list for a full time place, they will be expected to attend the Mini Academy or Junior Academy in the interim period. This enables us to make a start on the technical work - which is seamless and with the same coaches.

    Foreign Players

    As an international academy, foreign players are very welcome at Tennis Avenue and constitute an important part of academy life.

    If you would like to know whether you meet the acceptance standards, please send us an email with your details including: age, country, recent good results, and your national ranking / rating in your country.