Beacon Program for Coaches
At Tennis Avenue Academy we have shown that succeeding as an independent coach or program is not impossible. The Beacon Program is a practical framework of support for two types of coach who share our vision of continuity and stability for their players:

  • ambitious coaches wishing to run their own independent high performance programs (something that would have certainly helped us a decade ago).

  • talented Mini Tennis and club coaches who recognise that they are not equipped to take their best players beyond a certain level and would like them to progress in an environment that would take good care of them - while also retaining some ongoing link with the player.

This is not a coach-education program, and we will not be prescribing how you should coach your players (if we did, you would not be independent). Most successful people are innovators who follow their own blueprint rather than try to copy others. Therefore we would not be doing you (or your players) any favours by getting you to follow our formula.

Program Summary
Coaches wishing to run their own independent high performance programs:
  • you will be an exceptional coach able to back that up with evidence;
  • you will be very confident in your abilities to take your players through all (or most) of their junior tennis journey - and you will have a clear idea of how you will achieve it;
  • you are willing to invest your own time and energy into your players for the long haul, and your primary motivation is success over money;
  • we will provide a training base should you need one;
  • we will provide your players with access to our academic program to enable you to offer a full-time program of tennis and education;
  • we will provide regular sparring and collective training opportunities for your players with others of their level;
  • we will provide access to international tournament travel for your players, often with reduced costs due to them being shared;
  • we will provide guidance and logistical support where you need it;
  • we will provide access to support services such as fitness professionals and injury-prevention help;
  • players and parents on your program will gain reassurance from the fact that it is being supported by Tennis Avenue and that you are working within our framework of support.

Coaches who would like us to work with their best players when they are ready, while retaining an ongoing link with them:
  • you will have a passion for tennis and be a great motivator;
  • you will be an exceptional technical development coach able to back that up with evidence;
  • you will be thoroughly professional at all times;
  • you must adhere to best Child Safeguarding practice;
  • you will be able to promote the fact that your program has a link with us, for the best players to aspire to;
  • when you decide that a player is ready to move on to our program, we will work together to provide a seamless transition;
  • you will receive due recognition for your contribution to the development of players who go on to achieve success - and also a proportion of their fees to us in the first year;
  • we will actively provide promotional support for your program - both online and material - to attract new players;
  • we will list you as being a member of our network of associated independent coaches.

Contact Us
Please call or text us on: 07886 455661 to organise an initial meeting to disuss your specific circumstances.